Operational Monitoring

Operational Monitoring provides options of quick analysis and repair of technology devices in the critical or emergency states.

About the solutions

Operational Monitoring provides the option of quickly obtaining information required for making an important decision. Operational Monitoring service is used when clients have problems on a technological device that need to be solved immediately, requiring lots of information about the device itself or its behavior. The typical examples are critical or emergency states, or permanent conditions that need analysis and repair.

We have technical means and experts enabling us to quickly install operational monitoring, and obtain relevant information for further analysis and conclusions. We use unconventional measuring methods (special sensors, wiring, data transfer...).

The utilization of Operational Monitoring is very broad:

  • Stability and strength of technological structures
  • Vibration of structures
  • Deformation of pipelines
  • Tightness and strength of flanged joints
  • Monitoring the tightness/leakage of media on tanks, pipes, and joints
  • Evaluation of fatigue life
  • Evaluation of residual life
  • Vibration and noise analysis of rotating machines
  • Replacement of the official examination procedures


Process Monitoring - Ammonia Refrigerated Storage Tank Condition Evaluation System - ART CES


ART CES (Ammonia Refrigerated Storage Tank Condition Evaluation System) is a system of continuous safety and reliability evaluation of the operation of double-shell, low-temperature, and low-pressure ammonia storage tanks (Ammonia Refrigerated Storage Tanks - ARST

High-Pressure Flange Joint Monitoring System (MPS - check)


The primary impulse for the development of this system was the needs of our clients in the chemical industry. The basic idea was to prevent an occurrence of conditions during the operation of a critical flange joint that may result in its dysfunction, or even an industrial accident and the related unplanned shutdown of the technology.


Inspection of Power Ratios in the Electrolysis Mixture Blender Gear

This system inspects stress of critical parts in the complex gear of the mixture blender for anodes for electrolyzed aluminum production. The blender is the key device of our customer. It performs the complex sequence of movements of a blending device. Any unwanted stress in the connecting rods shortens its life. The monitoring system inspects the operational stress and internal forces on the rods inside the gear and enables the personnel to monitor the current state, including the operation history.

Inspection of High-Pressure Shutter Flange Joint's Operational Parameters

This MPS system evaluates mechanical and operational parameters of the high-pressure shutter flange joint. Through a pipe with a diameter of 500 mm flows a highly explosive synthesis gas with a temperature of 280°C and pressure of 25Mpa. We monitor the strain of the screws connecting the flange joint, their temperature, and acoustic emissions of the flange. Like this, we're able to track the leakage of medium from leaks on the flange joint, the potential ignition and combustion of the leaking medium, and particularly the screw forces in the flange joint.