3D Measurement

3D Measurement based on various 3D technologies provides options for the complex assessment of the product parameters.

About the solutions

3D Measurement systems are able to inspect a large amount of products in a continuous operation with a high required availability and capability. 3D scanning enables to detect very small surface defects or the exact measurement of products with complex shapes. The demands on reliability and the accuracy of solutions in this area are high. The repeatability and stability of measurements in various operating conditions is important. A big emphasis is placed on the robustness of mechanical construction of the measuring device itself.

3D measuring systems are customized to each product. Our competitive advantage is in the ability to integrate different types of measurements into a single system, thereby creating hybrid solutions with an excellent balance between price and performance.

Functionality of 3D Measurement solutions:

  • Direct measurement of reference points in XYZ coordinates
  • Very accurate measurement of selected points in XYZ coordinates
  • Correct evaluation to any GD&T specification
  • Virtual equalization of product's position in the fixture
  • Measurement of the overall product dimensions and shapes
  • Scanning of product's shape and surface
  • Analysis and evaluation of shape defects
  • Analysis and evaluation of surface defects


Static OMS


The OMS system is designed for highest precision contact or hybrid measurements of different products. The system is designed to 100% control the production process and replaces expensive and slow CMMs (coordinate measuring machines). Our devices are able to check continually vast quantities of products even in severe operating conditions.

Contactless Scanning OMS


Contactless Scanning OMS system is specifically designed for precise measurements of aluminum castings such as cylinder heads and blocks, but can be utilized for any product. The system is designed to 100% control the production process stability and product’s conformity. Main advantage is a very low failure rate and maintenance, compared to traditional touch systems. It is easy to combine different contactless technologies into a unique solutions.


3D Monitoring of Anode Residues

During aluminum production in electrolysis ovens, the so-called anode residues are created after the input material is consumed. These residues are monitored by the 3D system to exactly determine the volume of the anode residue, the condition of the anode holders, and any undesirable anode errors.

Inspection of the Cylinder Head Aluminum Casting Dimensions

This system inspects the defined dimensions of cylinder head castings with a high accuracy within the inter-operational inspection. The inspection is carried out using laser scanners and it's incorporated into the production process either as a standalone workstation, or as a part of the production line.

3D Inspection of Bearing Cages

3D profilometry scans and evaluates the surface of dot bearing cages. Based on the measurement, the system is able to evaluate dimensional and shape nonconformities, including damage to cage surfaces.

3D Inspection of Connective Linings

The system is a combination of 3D profilometry and the VISION System. With this combination we're able to evaluate the dimensional parameters of the entire lining, including aesthetic errors characterizing defects in the production process and causing a shortage of the lining's durability.

Inspection of Extruded Rubber Profile Dimensions

The system inspects the dimensions and profile of the extruded rubber. Various technologies, such as 3D scanner and a line camera, are used for the inspection.