Contactless Scanning OMS – Open Measurement System

The OMS system is designed for precise measurements of aluminum castings, and other complicated shaped, molded products. The system is designed to 100% control the production process and replaces expensive and slow CMMs (coordinate measuring machines).

Complex 3D measurement of complex products

The main principle behind OMS is to take accurate measurements of reference points and areas using the Cartesian coordinate system [X, Y, Z] and any other datums specified in the drawings.

Due to the nature of production, our devices are able to check continually vast quantities of products with the high availability required, even in severe operating conditions; therefore, great emphasis is placed on the mechanical construction of the measuring device itself.

Advantages and benefits:

High measurement precision and speed

Just one device measures the whole product

Full integration into the production process

Can be deployed even under difficult production conditions

Provides comprehensive statistical treatment of results

Reduces capital costs invested into integrating multiple measurements in one device

Detection Options:

  • Shape and dimensional characteristics of the products
  • Point measuring of coordinates in X, Y, Z space
  • Profile and parallelism of machined surfaces
  • True position and interbore distance of the casted and machined holes
  • Diameters of machined holes
  • Relative and absolute positioning of cores in castings
  • Wall thickness of castings

System Parameters:

Maximum dimensions of products measured: 900x700x700 mm (possible customization)
Achievable measurement accuracy: Measurement capability better than 10% in Gage R&R tests
Laser scanning: Up to 0.2 mm
Point laser measurement: Up to 0.1 mm
Bias tests: Better than 10%
Cycle time: At least 20 sec, depending on the integration methods
Number of measuring points: Unlimited

Method of Measurement

Contactless Scanning OMS is an open system allowing integration and single evaluation of 3D measurement data from various types of measurement systems in one measuring station. Measurement is done by controlled movement of either parts or sensors. Part location in scanning fixture is always verified with air sensors before the measurement. The OMS system can process data from the following contact and contactless sources:

  • Spot laser sensors
  • 3D laser scanner
  • 2D/3D camera systems

All measurements are calibrated with each other into a common coordinate system. According to the exact specification of measurement and drawing tolerances defined using GD&T, the system evaluates desired product characteristics and assesses its final quality. All measurements are stored in the database for further statistical processing.

Alternative Technologies

Contactless scanning OMS is alternative technology to static OMS measurement.

Contactless Scanning OMS

  • Cost saving on sensors
  • Easy integration with visual inspection
  • More flexible to future modifications
  • Lower precision against touch probes
  • Longer cycle time in some scenarios

Static OMS

  • Highest possible precision
  • Integration with other static sensors
  • Complicated fixture design
  • Higher cost of sensors
  • Lower flexibility of modifications

Integration Options

Contactless Scanning OMS can be fully integrated into the production process. There are various mechanical designs according to the type of manufacturing process used. Major advantages are the modularity and option to integrate other types of inspections into a single device.

  • Inline device with conveyor-based handling
  • Robotically operated automatic cell
  • Integrated with LightThru inspection, nanocameras, surface inspection, IIT threat condition and other measuring systems in one device