Virtual Condition Gage - VCG

Complete control over manufacturing process is a must for today’s demanding customer requirements.

Process control, dimensional gaging and surface inspection All-in-One

Automotive industry requires complete control over product quality along the whole supply chain. Even a small missing element on a product can cause significant delays in overall production. Therefore it is necessary to guarantee completeness and precision of all components. Complex casted and/or machined parts require both detection of presence of all key characteristics, as well as their dimensional and other quantitative parameters evaluation. VCG system combine different inspection technologies to create a unique solution for machining and assembly operations control.

Advantages and benefits:

100% production control

High system flexibility

Replacement of manual inspection gages

Full traceability of all production

Types of inspections:

  • Machined surface presence
  • Drilled holes presence
  • Pass-thru drillings
  • Casted openings presence
  • Assembly components presence
  • Thread presence
  • IIT thread conditions
  • Machined surface profile
  • Manufacturing holes TP and ID
  • GD&T characteristics measurement
  • Inspection of shapes and dimensions
  • Porosity and other surface defects

System Parameters:

Material scanning speed: Up to 500 mm/sec
Maximum dimensions of products measured: 900x700x700 mm (possible customization)
Cycle time: At least 30 sec, depending on the integration methods
Size of the database of sorting programs: Unlimited

Available Technologies:

  • Line scan cameras
  • Area scan cameras
  • Laser point sensors
  • Laser scanners
  • IIT Thread condition

Method of Measurement

VCG Systems are based on contactless scanning OMS and surface inspection systems. They combine 2D and 3D measurement systems into a single inspection equipment. Depending on the level of measurement, the scanning is done either during a conveyor-based part transportation (attributive detection only) or shuttle-based transportation and scanning (attributive and gaging capabilities combined together). Typically the system consist of longitudinal and transversal scanning stations. Although scanning is the key principle for VCG, it is possible to include also static measurements technologies like IIT, LightThru and Nanocameras if needed.

Following technologies are used to obtain data for processing:

  • Line scan cameras with collimated LED illumination – machined surface scanning, detection of bores and casted openings, presence, gaging
  • Area scan cameras – presence of threads, drill-thru holes, small machined surfaces
  • Telecentric cameras – diameter, true position and interbore distance of machined bores
  • Point laser sensors – reference points, measuring points, surface profiles, surface parallelism
  • Laser scanners – complete 3D surface inspection, flexible 3D gaging, shape comparision

Integration Options

Contactless Scanning OMS can be fully integrated into the production process. There are various mechanical designs according to the type of manufacturing process used. Major advantages are the modularity and option to integrate other types of inspections into a single device.

  • Inline device with conveyor-based handling
  • Robotically operated automatic cell
  • Inline device with shuttle system and loading/unloading grippers