More flexibility for your control

DATALAN Quality Instruments provides tailor-made solutions designed to control the quality of production in manufacturing process. Our main domain is data and information processing.

Based on a principle of a modular system, you can easily select the particular part of product quality control, the technology for precise monitoring and evaluation. As one the few suppliers in the world – we deliver integrated solutions for all areas of automated quality control.

Each measuring system is a set of sensors, cameras, detection and measurement devices that generate data. This data needs to be evaluated and processed so that the system can reliably evaluate the quality of production.

Our solutions are fully flexible to your specific needs of controlling quality and can be integrated directly to production process or line.

Selected products



Broken Core Detection



Open Measurement System



Inspection of Internal Threads

Surface inspection


About the company

DATALAN Quality Instruments is a global supplier of automated quality inspection systems. We focus on development of custom innovative applications of measurement, inspection and monitoring in high volume serial products processes.

Our solutions provide 100% process inspection, full guarantee of quality control systems and enhance the capabilities of production monitoring.

We supply solutions integrated directly to the production process or production line without any technology or hardware solutions.

Based in Slovakia our team of technology experts provide solutions all over the world – from Europe all the way to China and Mexico.